AITscan™ Division

AITscan™ is the industry leader in aerial infrared applications. AITscan™ thermographers accomplish high-resolution, surgical aerial IR missions such as flying over flat and low-sloped building to find subsurface roof moisture, discovering pollution sources in creeks, rivers, lakes and streams, finding steam leaks and water leaks in district heating and cooling systems, counting animals like deer for municipalities, flying high voltage transmission lines for power companies, defining the extent of landfill fires and performing many other specialized aerial IR services. The assets are strategically located throughout North America enabling us to provide services to clients anywhere.

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ElectriSCAN™ Division

ElectriSCAN™ is the former service division web site. Since the launch of™, the site now offers information and marketing resources for electrical infrared clients and electrical infrared contractors. Resources include access to sample imagery, report examples, articles and white papers.

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BuildScanIR™ Division

BuildScanIR™ Network is a resource for building owners, building inspectors, home inspectors and building infrared thermographers, interested in learning about infrared thermography of buildings.

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IRresearcher™ Division

The IRresearcher™ division performs applications-specific infrared research such as carbon fiber composite infrared inspections, automotive and aircraft welding inspections, micro-circuitry inspections and sports medicine applications. IRresearcher™ is directed by Ron Predmesky, an infrared research engineer who utilizes 32 years experience with Ford Motor Company. During his tenure with Ford, he worked on many different R&D applications for infrared thermography, served as chairman of Ford’s Infrared User’s Group and was an instructor of Level I and Level II infrared certification classes.

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