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Meet the Stockton Infrared Team

Since 1989, we have provided infrared (IR) thermographic imaging services and resources to clients and thermographers. SITS was founded in 1989 by Gregory R. Stockton. Mr. Stockton is considered an industry expert with many years of hands-on experience. With a fanatical focus on technical excellence and customer service, he has created a line of services and applications unparalleled in the infrared service industry.

Our service lines include solutions for:

  • Comprehensive infrared solutions to clients with maintenance needs; typically, managers of buildings, facilities, campuses, cities, municipalities, military bases, etc.
  • Resources for thermographic contract service providers such as contract bid services, IR training, IR imager rentals/sales and technical, marketing and sales consulting.
Headshot of Stockton Infrared president, Gregory Stockton

Headshot of Stockton Infrared president, Gregory Stockton
Greg Stockton

Gregory R. Stockton is the President and Founder of Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services, Inc.™, with over 26 years of experience in infrared thermography. He specializes in maintenance and energy-related technologies, and has published 11 technical papers and numerous articles. Greg also serves on the Program Committee for SPIE Thermosense and is Chairman of the Buildings & Infrastructures Session at the Defense and Security Symposium.

Headshot of Eric Stockton, Vice President of Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services, Inc.
Eric Stockton
Vice President

Eric Stockton is a Level III Infraspection Institute Certified Thermographer with 18 Years of Infrared job experience. Eric graduated from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and has a degree in Zoology with an emphasis on Environmental Chemistry and Biochemistry. After school he served as an environmental consultant to Carolina Power and Light’s Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant. Eric joined the company in 1996 and has been an integral part of its growth and success.

Headshot of Alejandro Tache, Division Manager for Aerial Infrared Projects
Alejandro Tache
AITScan Division Manager

Alejandro Tache is the Division Manager for AITscan™, SITS’s Aerial Division. Mr. Tache has extensive experience as a combat pilot, test pilot and flight instructor and earned a degree in Aeronautics Science from Columbian Air Force Academy. AITscan was started in 1994 and he took over in 2005. He has been instrumental in growing the division due to superior performance as a pilot, thermographer, and software analyst.

Headshot of Robert Madding, Pd.D., Technical Director of Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services, Inc.
Robert Madding, Ph.D.
Technical Director

Dr. Madding is the SITS Technical Director and provides technical support for all of Stockton Infrared’s divisions, while overseeing IRresearcher and ProcessScan projects. With over 40 years of experience, he is a pioneer in thermography and co-founded the ThermoSense Conference in 1978. Dr. Madding has published numerous technical papers, contributed to many technical chapters in textbooks, and was a senior instructor at the Infrared Training Center. He founded the InfraMation Conference in 2000, currently the largest infrared applications conference in the world.

Headshot of Matt Reuter, Project Manager at Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services, Inc.
Matt Reuter
Project Manager

Matt Reuter has been in technical sales and marketing for 30 years and has extensive knowledge in NETA Certified power distribution system testing, preventative/predictive maintenance, and engineering studies. Mr. Reuter has used thermal infrared imaging diagnostic techniques for 25 years, including electro-mechanical, steam & roof systems. He attended Bucks County Technical School, Bucks County Community College and Penn State (HVAC Systems). Matt is currently developing the commercial infrared market for the next generation of high altitude aerial infrared inspections.

Mike Clark
AreaScanIR Director

Mike is the National Sales Manager for AreaScanIR and Roof Moisture FindIR. Mike has approximately 35 years of experience in various aspects of the construction industry and in industrial facility building maintenance in a high-profile environment. He knows the importance of a solid predictive and preventative maintenance program. As a former director of BuildScan IR, Mike has experience with inspecting and appraising CMU walls and he has been involved with the many aspects of infrared thermography since 1989.

Chip Carnes
Special Project Manager

Chip Carnes received an Associate’s Degree in Mechanical and Architectural Drafting and Design from Bowling Green Technical College in 2006. Mr. Carnes has been working the infrared industry since 2009 in sales and marketing. He has infrared certifications in roof scanning, block wall scanning and data center infrared testing. Mr. Carnes current position in Stockton Infrared is Special Projects Manager.

Tom Mayfield
Special Project Manager

Tom Mayfield received a Degree with Honors in Applied Science from Brazosport College in 1973 and a Degree in Geology from Trinity University in 1978. Tom holds Level II NDT Certifications in Visual, Magnetic Particle, Dye Penetrant, Ultrasonic and Infrared Thermography inspection methods in addition to being a Certified Welding Inspector (CWI). He co-owns US Patent #5,670,469 – Methods and compositions for cleaning and decontamination.

Colleen Zeltt
National Sales Research Developer

Colleen is the Stockton Infrared’s National Sales Research Developer. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree from California University. She works in sales support as a processor for the Research Database. Colleen has been with Stockton Infrared since August of 2013.

Valerie Hannigan
Assistant Director of National Sales

Valerie Hannigan is the Assistant Director of National Sales. She has over 20 years’ experience in sales and marketing of infrared inspections. Valerie has been with the company since March of 2013.

Stephanie Rivers
Sales and Marketing Manager

Stephanie Rivers joined the Stockton Infrared Sales & Marketing Team as Manager in 2017. Ms. Rivers obtained a BA from Guilford College and has over 10 years’ experience in corporate sales and administration, including analyzing sales data, accurately projecting growth and setting sales goals for associates.

Dorian Stockton
Project Manager

Richard “Dorian” Stockton graduated with honors with a double degree Geography and History in 2012. He first began working for Stockton Infrared as an analyst in the aerial division in 2010. Mr. Stockton traveled internationally between 2012 and 2017 in Asia and Latin America.